Educator, Musician, and Storyteller

Developer of Teams and Promoter of Diversity in Organizations

Educator, Musician, and Storyteller

Developing Teams and Promoting Diversity in Organizations

Multifaceted Learning and Development Professional

I am Maggie Leon. Delve into my diverse life experiences and professional accomplishments.

From a career in learning and development and diversity, equity, and inclusion (L&D/DEI), to my passion for music and unique storytelling abilities, my journey is an open book for you to explore. Feel free to reach out and connect.

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L&D/DEI Leader

With a wealth of experience in L&D/DEI across various industries and sectors, my leadership skills have been honed by global interactions, making me a experienced professional and an empathetic individual.

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My love for music goes beyond genres, tracing back to my childhood. As a singer and songwriter, I share my musical talent with the world through multiple albums and performances.

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From overcoming childhood trauma and poverty to balancing multiple roles in life and earning academic accolades, my life is a testament to resilience. I believe sharing my journey can provide hope and inspiration to others.